Wait, I’ll just use my teeth...
— Almost toothless groom

is probably the last thing you want to hear from a groom as a wedding photographer.

That was in 2015 and that was the last time I went anywhere without a bottle opener.

1 year later we were making the final tweaks on a bottle opener that would easily fit on any camera strap. And little did we know would grow into a full lifestyle brand of all straps. 

We call it f/POP

For those of you non camera geeks, the term "f/STOP" refers to number that determines the size of opening in your camera lens to let light in your camera.  (I did a little video explaining f/STOP and aperture that you can view here if you really want to get into it).

So if you haven't figured it out, f/POP is a play on f/STOP. Pop a bottle...f/POP..f/STOP... yeah all makes sense. right?


Designing the f/POP

Original design of f/POP

While it looks like a simple design there was a lot of thought and trial and error that went into designing the f/POP. 

It needed to meet some important criteria before it was released.

Looks: I wanted the bottle opener to look amazing. Almost like a piece of jewelry or art -  where it could even be a conversation starter. 

Felt great in your hands: From the moment you touch an f/POP it needed to feel like you were touching something of importance. Strong, sturdy and a little weight to it. 

Function: Bottle opener needs to open a bottle like ease of cutting butter.  

Since you're opening bottles from an opener that is attached to a strap, we needed to make sure the bottle opened away from you. So the f/POP needed to be designed where the  torque was away from your body - opposite of most openers. 

Locally made in Portland, Oregon: It was super important that f/POP was made in our home town city of Portland, Oregon. Portland is the land of beer and artists so I knew it wouldn't be terribly hard to find a perfect person to help in my journey. 

Kickstarter Launched February of 2017

We had everything in place to produce the f/POP we just needed a little help. So we launched a kickstarter campaign, which if you have ever done one is like a full time job. 

We went above and beyond our goal in less than two weeks.  

Future of f/POP as a Lifestyle Brand

f/POP was originally designed with the photographer in mind. A great way to connect with people and also enjoy the moment. 

We quickly realized that is wasn't just photographers using f/POP. It was everyday people who wanted a cool bottle opener on their straps. 

So with the new designs of the Socializer and Transformer it possible to get f/POP on most straps out there.  


Daniel and Lindsay Stark of Stark Photography, are wedding and Portrait photographers based in Portland, Oregon. They're also the proud designers of the f/POP. 

Get in touch - info@starkphotography.com