5 iPhone Camera Hacks Everyone Should Know

There are a few tips and tricks I use all the time when taking a photo with my iPhone. If you know these little iPhone camera hacks you'll be in good shape next time you need to take a cell phone photo. 

#1 Quick Swipe Left

The most annoying thing is trying to unlock your phone to quickly take a picture while action is happening. 

This trick is pure gold. 

All you do is swipe left quickly when your phone is on the lock screen instantly access your mobile camera app. 

#2 "Siri Take Picture"

Need to access your camera but your hands aren't free? Doesn't happen often but it's a pretty handy trick for when it does. 

All you do is hold down your home button and say "Siri, take picture." It'll open your camera app and you're ready to snap away. 

#3 Focus Lock

It's always best to lock focus on your subject. That way for whatever reason your camera won't change focus automatically and resulting in an out of focus photo.

With your camera app open all you do is press and hold on your screen to lock the focus. 

#4 Adjust Exposure

Your camera tries to adjust exposure to what it thinks is best. It's not always right. 

All you have to do is slide up and down with your thumb to change the exposure. So you can either bring out the shadows or just expose for the highlights. This makes for a professional lighting look. 

#5 Volume Button as Your Shutter

Pressing the shutter button on the camera is not the best when you're in the horizontal position. 

A nifty trick is that you can use your volume button as the shutter. Just turn your camera in the landscape position (horizontal) and use the volume button as the shutter.